20 Jan

Georgia expanding its aviation training through a partner in Lithuania

On January 14th BAA Training welcomed delegation from Georgian Aviation University (GAU) that travelled to Lithuania for a reciprocal meeting to finalize the partnership on aviation training. The inked contact will broaden Georgian Aviation University’s training capabilities and set the course for the EASA certification.

Georgian Aviation University, which has been providing aviation training for 24 years now, started seriously looking into other than ICAO certification option for its students. Following the market analysis research regarding the quality training, GAU settled on EASA region and its aviation training standards. Two aviation training providers have discussed partnership possibilities up to the smallest detail before signing the agreements which states the cooperation on airplane and helicopter pilot training, aviation personnel qualification and consultancy services for the duration of EASA certification process.

According to the agreement, GAU will give its students two pilot training possibilities: either complete training in Georgia, or travel to Lithuania to gain EASA license upon training completion. Additionally to the student training, GAU and BAA Training will cooperate on multi-engine and MCC training services. One more partnership part involves training and instructing services for Georgian Aviation University aviation personnel to ensure their preparation and knowledge of EASA standards, regulations and quality requirements. The last part of the cooperation agreement involves BAA Training’s consultancy services for Georgian Aviation University to prepare to its best capabilities and reach the goal of getting EASA certification for aviation training. “We are glad to see that Georgia is ambitious country with high goals. What is even more remarkable is their boldness to look for partnerships in order to reach their goals instead of just exercising their own knowledge and resources. And at this point, we are delighted to be that strong outside resource that will help then throughout their way into EASA certification and pilot training”, commented Indre Sveistryte, Ab Initio Director at BAA Training.

This aviation training partnership provides both countries and companies opportunities of growth, know-how expansion, and multi-cultural experience which are highly valuable for further development of training and partnership.