31 Jan

Where does the career in aviation begin?

It is this time of the year when school leavers start thinking intensively which career path to choose for their future. We start considering whether we are happy with our choices or whether we should change the path of the career we are pursuing once all celebrations have been left behind and New Year’s resolutions have already been made. Are there many among us considering a career in aviation? Definitely yes! Therefore, let’s look into the possibilities aviation has to offer.

We want to fly!

The first profession to cross one’s mind when thinking about the career in aviation usually turns to be that of a pilot, isn’t it? Well, there are certainly many ways to become a pilot. First, we need to decide whether we want to fly an aircraft or a helicopter. Second, we can choose to pursue either a CPL modular or an ATPL integrated way. How determined are we to study hard? Do we want to study in modules for the Private Pilot License first and then continue with ATP theory? Then there is a CPL modular way. Or do we prefer to work hard and more intensively and start an ATPL integrated course? No matter which way we prefer, the result will be the same. The ATPL frozen license, that allows to apply for the first officer’s position at a passenger or cargo airline, will be our award.

We are eager to start working for an airline now!

Aren’t we the generation Y that wants everything now or never? Pilot Cadet Program is perfect for us! Neither we want to feel uncertain, nor wait for job interviews after having obtained our pilot licenses! It is harder to get a seat at this course as we not only have to pass the assessment stage at the aviation training center but to pass the airline’s assessment or interview as well. However, it is definitely worth it! What can be better than receiving a confirmation that after acquiring your license you will become a first officer with a certain airline!

We love flying but want a university degree first!

A slightly different story is if we prefer to get a bachelor’s degree in aviation. We can choose between different universities and programs. Or we can even find a joint program between a university and aviation academy which enables to acquire both: a Bachelor’s degree and a pilot license at once! Aviation management, Aircraft maintenance, Aviation engineering? You name it! Plenty of awaiting possibilities. It will definitely take longer (approximately 4 years) but we can be proud of having both higher education and pilot license needed for job at airlines.

We want to see the World from the perspective of Cabin Crew!

In order to work in aviation or, to be more precise, live in it, all of us do not necessarily have to be pilots. There are other options for sure! Many people start their career in the sky from a position of a Cabin Crew member. Training takes shorter, so we can start working faster. Why is this possibility a good choice? Because we can do the training while still working before shifting our career path to aviation. Yes, that is right, Cabin Crew evening course is available now.

Is it only about flying?

Definitely not, we can rule the sky from the ground! What can be better than being a pilot’s right hand on the ground? The flight dispatcher is responsible for planning the route, checking the weather, reading NOTAMS, listing the flight check points and drafting the alternate flight route. In case we are considering starting the pilot’s career later, the flight dispatcher training is a great point to start from. It allows to build experience and save funds for the initial pilot training course.

Where to start?

As there are plenty of possibilities and opportunities, the only question is where to begin. How to make the best choice? Undoubtedly, the career in aviation begins at the aviation training center, therefore, the easiest way is to contact one of them. Get all the answers to the questions buzzing in your head. Remember, it is now or never!