25 Jul

Success story: Roman Savin

Each person’s story starts in a different way. Roman Savin, former student of BAA Training, decided to become a pilot in his early childhood. His father is an aerobatic pilot so he was a frequent guest on different airfields of general aviation. He started by spotting airplanes at the very young age and was sure that he will be a pilot one day. Roman went along his entire aviation training path with the help of BAA Training.

“I chose BAA training for my Ab Initio studies as it is the closest flight school to my home where I can get European pilot license. As I had some previous experience flying Tecnam, the fleet of BAA Training was one of priorities for me. The fact that BAA training suggested an affordable price compared to other European academies was also important for me. Besides a lot of people in Vilnius can speak my native language – Russian. Therefore, I do not feel a stranger in Lithuania.”

“After I graduated from BAA Training, I started looking for a workplace. I found some opportunities in Russia for CRJ2 aircraft. I must say that that opportunity was like a lottery. I had little chance to get the job in this company. I needed a type rating training, therefore I contacted BAA Training once again. After hearing my story, one of the representatives offered me an alternative – Airbus A320 type rating with line training opportunity in one of Lithuanian charter carriers. I thought that this option suits me better, so I agreed. 2 months after graduation I started Airbus A320 type rating. 2 months later I finished it and successfully passed assessment in the airline. It took me half a year to acquire Lithuanian work permit. On July 2, 10 months after my graduation from BAA Training aviation academy, I made my first flight as a first officer of Airbus A320.”