Flight Dispatcher Training

Flight Dispatchers or Flight Operations Officers are the best-kept secrets of an airline. Like a brain, really. Preparing, sorting through all kinds of information: weather, wind, flight plan, aircraft technical condition, fuel, staff requirements and more.

All this has to be juggled around continually to provide the best possible performance of all airlines in the world day after day. You will be the main liaison to the cockpit crew and the person contacted for any assistance in flight. And this is a great preparation for the pilot training as it allows building experience and safe funds for the initial pilot training courses.

  • We train the dispatchers, who will be able to ensure the safety of each flight
  • Flight dispatcher training covers many topic which correlate with initial pilot training theory
  • We offer six different flight dispatcher training options
  • Planning the route
  • Checking the weather
  • Reading NOTAMS
  • Listing the flight check points
  • Drafting the alternative flight route
  • Age: 20 years and over
  • At least secondary education certificate
  • Good knowledge of English is a must

depends on the course

Training location

Lithuania or customer’s preferred location


English, Lithuanian or Russian


Training may be provided with client’s equipment

Ground Handling Training Courses

BAA Training offers 27 different EASA and IATA approved Ground Handling training courses.

Ground School Locations

BAA Training has conducted Ground School part in 66 locations worldwide.

Years of Experience

BAA Training has over 20 years of experience in the aviation market.

Why BAA Training?

BAA Training is the leading aviation training centre and Approved Training Organisation (ATO) in Northern Europe. An impressive scope of EASA approved training programmes offered by the Academy will allow you to follow the path towards your career heights in aviation.

By undergoing your training at the headquarters in Vilnius you will be able to not only gain benefits from the training process itself, but also enjoy the full training package which includes:

Personal manager

Free WiFi

Visa support

Accommodation at 4* hotel with breakfast included

Training facilities

Everything at BAA Training Aviation Academy is designed to meet students’ needs and to create the best environment for you. Explore the Academy in the virtual 360.

BAA Training facilities at the HQ in Vilnius include spacious and modern classrooms, relax zone and the dining room where you can have coffee or snacks from vending machines.


Aviation studies are intense, therefore, comfortable living conditions and good rest after long study day are vital for successful training completion. You will be provided with the comfortable and convenient living space in a close proximity to the training centre where you will be able to revive and prepare for another day of studies. If you need any help or information, please contact us [email protected]

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